Company Profile

Ningxia Tpl Chemical Co., Ltd. is a professional import and export company for chemical raw materials. The company has good sales cooperation with private and state-owned enterprises in Ningxia, Xinjiang and other regions, and can provide high quality products for domestic and foreign customers.At the same time the company has a young sales team, can provide timely and effective after-sales service for customers.

Industry chain

The company has long been focusing on domestic and international sales and services of basic chemical products, plastic raw materials and plastic additives, feed additives, metallurgical mineral products and refractory materials. The company mainly covers chemical inorganic and organic synthetic products, printing and dyeing auxiliaries. Water treatment agents, flame retardants, pharmaceutical raw materials, feed additives, fertilizer additives, pesticides, metal smelting and mineral products. The company's upstream suppliers are mainly concentrated in the northwest, southwest, and Xinjiang regions, with state-owned and private enterprises with certain scale production and technology research and development.

Competitive advantages

The company has a professional export team. The company's export business accounts for 80% of the company's total business. The team members have more than 10 years of export experience, proficient in English, Russian, Japanese, with good communication skills and business negotiation skills. The company exports products all over the world.